What is HTML


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML used to create web pages. It is simply a collection of certain keywords called 'tags' that are helpful in writing the document to be displayed using a browser on internet.

HTML is a platform independent language that can be used on any platform such as Windows,Macintosh,Linux, and so on.To display a document in web it is essential to mark up the different elements of the document with the HTML tags. to view a mark up document user has to open the document in browser.A browser .a browser display the HTML document what we call a web page.

HTML also provides tags to make the document  look attractive using graphics font size and creating hypertext links also known as hyperlinks.

the  basic tags are included in very html document are as follows

  • <html>................</html>
  • <head>................</head>
  • <title>.................</title>
  • <body>................</body>

These tags are written in the following sequence in notpad

                      <title> title of the web page goes here</title>

                         body of the web page goes here


<html> tag
       This tag is used to indicate that this is an html document.the <html> tag encloses all other html tag and associated text within your document. it is an optional tag you can create an html document that omits these tags.you browser can still read it and display it but it is always a good  practice to include that start and stop tags.

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